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Dave Grohl's Doctor Stole The Show At A Foo Fighters Concert

Who knew this orthopedic surgeon actually had pipes?

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On Sunday night, the Foo Fighters played a show at Fenway Park with the Dropkick Murphys.

Dave Grohl played the show with his broken leg in a boot, the result of his on-stage accident while on tour last month.

During the show, the Foo Fighters brought a special guest onstage to perform — none other than the orthopedic surgeon who treated Grohl, Lew C. Schon.

According to MTV News, Dr. Schon was in Massachusetts to check on his patient's rehabilitation. When Dave found out about Dr. Schon's musical background, he made a proposal.

Grohl asked Dr. Schon if he wanted to perform with the Foo Fighters. He agreed and requested to sing "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes.


"He knew from one of his relatives that I was a musician, so we talked about that," Schon told MTV News, saying that he played in a band made up of orthopedic surgeons. "My band's called The Stimulators, and we had another band briefly called The Sole Heelers. I'm known more for maybe my stage personality and maybe through piano-playing spirit. I usually sing backup harmonies and I usually do character songs."

Here's Dr. Schon singing "Seven Nation Army" with the Foo Fighters and bringing down the house.

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“Holy shit, that’s actually my doctor. What a badass.” —Dave Grohl

Rock on, Dr. Schon!

The doctor delivers.

You're the man, Dave Grohl.