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29 Of The Best Moments '90s Tomboys Have Never Forgotten

Doing an ollie with your brand new Chucks on, wearing your power beads for good luck.

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4. When your gaming skills paid off and you hit the JACKPOT at Chuck E. Cheese:

You could finally score a sticky slug or Gak with all those tickets, although you usually caved and ended up sharing some with your little sister.

5. When your outfit resembled that of your style Icon, Alex Mack:


Overalls - check

Baseball cap - check

Wristwatch - check

Tennis Shoes - check

Attitude - check, check, check


10. When you got a new pack of Pokémon cards and couldn't wait to trade them at recess the next day:


18. When you felt a profound connection to Harriet the Spy:

Nickelodeon Movies

She likely inspired you to keep a notebook of your own AND give tomato and mayo sandwiches a try. Spy, spy, spy.


19. When you found the perfect power bead bracelet that matched your skateboard:

It also apparently boosted your luck and creativity, which you took to mean you could land more ollies. (Or at least attempt them.)


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