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    29 Of The Best Moments '90s Tomboys Have Never Forgotten

    Doing an ollie with your brand new Chucks on, wearing your power beads for good luck.

    1. When your Mom bought you a new pair of Chucks:

    They probably didn't stay clean for long, becuase you were always on the go.

    2. When you successfully climbed up through the Discovery Zone maze:

    Discovery Zone / Via

    "I'm just fine mom, I swear!"

    3. When your Mom let you streak your hair with neon:

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: caspargirl

    ...and it looked SO GOOD.

    4. When your gaming skills paid off and you hit the JACKPOT at Chuck E. Cheese:

    You could finally score a sticky slug or Gak with all those tickets, although you usually caved and ended up sharing some with your little sister.

    5. When your outfit resembled that of your style Icon, Alex Mack:


    Overalls - check

    Baseball cap - check

    Wristwatch - check

    Tennis Shoes - check

    Attitude - check, check, check

    6. When you bought the newest Goosebumps or Animorphs book at the Scholastic Book Fair:

    Just seeing this likely makes you emotional all over again. Be still, my heart.

    7. When your crush got online and immediately IM'ed you...


    ...and you responded with "Hey dude." Very smooth.

    8. When you managed to sneak a CD marked with a Parental Advisory warning past your parents:

    Virgin Records

    The world is a vampire... sent to drai-eai-eai-nnnnn ♫

    9. When you got home from school right in time to catch the start of your favorite show:


    Spinelli was basically your cartoon soulmate.

    10. When you got a new pack of Pokémon cards and couldn't wait to trade them at recess the next day:

    Pokémon / Via

    "I'll trade you four regular cards for your hologram Blastoise."

    11. When your mood ring turned the same shade of deep blue as your bike:

    Columbia Pictures

    Vada's ring from My Girl = Ultimate mood ring goals

    12. When you put together your first LEGO set all by yourself:

    LEGO / TeutonicHomie / Via

    There was next to nothing more empowering.

    13. When the McDonald's employee gave you a boy's toy without even asking:

    McDonald's / Via

    Batmobile, score!

    14. When you held your own with the boys in the neighborhood Super Soaker match:

    Super Soaker / Nerf

    And that was the last time they likely underestimated you.

    15. When you defeated a gym boss on the first try in Pokémon on your Game Boy:


    Pokémon Yellow, FTW.

    16. When you dressed up as Batman for Halloween instead of the Pink Ranger:

    Creative Commons / Via Flickr: megankhines

    Nothing against the Pink Ranger, you just happened to idolize Bruce Wayne.

    17. When your favorite cartoons spoke straight to your soul:


    PREACH, Lisa.

    18. When you felt a profound connection to Harriet the Spy:

    Nickelodeon Movies

    She likely inspired you to keep a notebook of your own AND give tomato and mayo sandwiches a try. Spy, spy, spy.

    19. When you found the perfect power bead bracelet that matched your skateboard:

    It also apparently boosted your luck and creativity, which you took to mean you could land more ollies. (Or at least attempt them.)

    20. When you finally related to a Disney princess/heroine:


    Mulan is sensitive AND kicks ass.

    21. When you pulled off a match-winning combo in Street Fighter:


    An even sweeter victory when you were underestimated by your opponent just because you were a girl.

    22. When you watched Addams Family Values and felt an instant connection to Wednesday:

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    23. When you successfully pranked someone with shock gum or fish candy:

    "Would you like a piece of gum? Here, I already half-way pulled one out for you..."

    24. When you heard the opening music for Buffy the Vampire Slayer...


    25. ...Or Xena, Warrior Princess



    26. When you pulled off the perfect denim jacket/choker necklace combo:

    Just like one of your idols, Drew Barrymore.

    27. When you landed a new rollerblading move at the skate park in front of your crush:

    Little Timmy sure knows your name now.

    28. When you brought your Yo-Yo to school and NAILED a trick in front of your friends:


    You practised the Eiffel Tower for four hours just for this moment of triumph.

    29. When you delivered the perfect comeback to anyone who questioned why you weren't more "girly":

    Concorde-New Horizons