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    29 Of The Best Moments '90s Tomboys Have Never Forgotten

    Doing an ollie with your brand new Chucks on, wearing your power beads for good luck.

    1. When your Mom bought you a new pair of Chucks:

    2. When you successfully climbed up through the Discovery Zone maze:

    3. When your Mom let you streak your hair with neon:

    4. When your gaming skills paid off and you hit the JACKPOT at Chuck E. Cheese:

    5. When your outfit resembled that of your style Icon, Alex Mack:

    6. When you bought the newest Goosebumps or Animorphs book at the Scholastic Book Fair:

    7. When your crush got online and immediately IM'ed you...

    8. When you managed to sneak a CD marked with a Parental Advisory warning past your parents:

    9. When you got home from school right in time to catch the start of your favorite show:

    10. When you got a new pack of Pokémon cards and couldn't wait to trade them at recess the next day:

    11. When your mood ring turned the same shade of deep blue as your bike:

    12. When you put together your first LEGO set all by yourself:

    13. When the McDonald's employee gave you a boy's toy without even asking:

    14. When you held your own with the boys in the neighborhood Super Soaker match:

    15. When you defeated a gym boss on the first try in Pokémon on your Game Boy:

    16. When you dressed up as Batman for Halloween instead of the Pink Ranger:

    17. When your favorite cartoons spoke straight to your soul:

    18. When you felt a profound connection to Harriet the Spy:

    19. When you found the perfect power bead bracelet that matched your skateboard:

    20. When you finally related to a Disney princess/heroine:

    21. When you pulled off a match-winning combo in Street Fighter:

    22. When you watched Addams Family Values and felt an instant connection to Wednesday:

    23. When you successfully pranked someone with shock gum or fish candy:

    24. When you heard the opening music for Buffy the Vampire Slayer...

    25. ...Or Xena, Warrior Princess

    26. When you pulled off the perfect denim jacket/choker necklace combo:

    27. When you landed a new rollerblading move at the skate park in front of your crush:

    28. When you brought your Yo-Yo to school and NAILED a trick in front of your friends:

    29. When you delivered the perfect comeback to anyone who questioned why you weren't more "girly":