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  • Tinderella Gone Fishing

    Why has my index finger recently been the part of my body receiving the most exercise? TINDER. I have been happily swiping my way through some of the greatest entertainment possible while on the bus and even waiting for a real date to show up. By this time I would call myself a tinder expert and because of this I feel as if I am qualified to discuss a trend I have been noticing on this glorious app. MEN HOLDING FISH Recently there has been an increase in the amount of photos my friends and I have been seeing that feature men holding up up fish. Either fishing has broadened its fan base from old men who want an excuse to leave the house to young attractive singles looking to score. I still can’t decide if these men believe they will look more attractive with their faces next to that of a fish or if subliminally women are attracted to the caveman, “me caught fish for you” ideal. I will do some investigating, meaning I will ask about the use of such photos in between the poorly assembled pick up lines that are usually sent, in order to find out why these guys think I am going to swipe right instead of left if they feature a large bass in their photo. Until then -Tinderella

  • Why Miley Cyrus Makes This Academic Want To Hurl

    So I would rather be smacked in the head by a gigantic wrecking ball than try to explain to Miley Cyrus why her use of cultural appropriation is offensive to not only women of color but to anyone with functioning eyes and ears. Using black women as your props in the “We can’t stop” music video and somehow assuming this makes you a part of ratchet culture is downright ludicrous. The genius bell hooks once said, “Within commodity culture, ethnicity becomes spice, seasoning that can liven up the dull dish that is mainstream white culture.” Miley, dear, These women are not the spice to the bland biscuits and gravy recipe of your roots. Lets try building a personality based on traits that are your own and that do not disenfranchise an entire community of women. yours truly, The academic you have made turn green

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