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What Happens When "The Yes Men" Go To Uganda

"They're not going to kill gay foreigners, are they?"

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After passing, and celebrating, an Anti-Gay law in 2014, gay Uganda citizens were facing death for their sexuality. Although the law was later annulled, being gay is still viewed as obscene and an ongoing problem in the country.

In a bonus scene from the documentary, The Yes Men Are Revolting, filmmaker and activist Andy Bichlbaum was traveling to Uganda to work on their film about climate change, but felt conflicted.

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In 2012, when "The Yes Men," Andy and Mike, were on their trip to Uganda to work on climate change issues, Andy worried about his safety in the country.

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Since the passing and annulment of the bill, more and more LGBT citizens have faced threats, violence, and the loss of their homes and property.


After landing in Uganda, Mike asked a taxi driver about how the country felt about homosexuality. He responded by telling them, "everyone is against it," and gay men recruit little boys to join them.

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Extremist conservatives like Scott Lively have been known for telling the people of Uganda that gay men recruit and bribe boys into becoming gay themselves. The driver went on to explain that once you're "out," you usually hide from society.


If anything, this was a deeply personal trip for Andy.

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The Ugandans they met along the way are a miniscule fraction of the population of a country with deeply contentious political environment. But it's clear, Andy was deeply moved by the experience.

THE YES MEN ARE REVOLTING hits theaters starting June 12th at the IFC Center in NY with national rollout to follow. It will also be available across all digital platforms and VOD on June 9th. You can learn more about the Yes Men and their journey here.