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What Happens Right Before You Go Into Labor Will Ruin You Forever

TL;DR: It's like the most epic sneeze ever from your vagina.

Having a baby sounds like the best thing on Earth, right? Many of us dream about the glorious day we will welcome a new life into this world.

But something quite strange happens right before you go into labor: You lose something called your mucus plug.

Your mucus plug is a collection of cervical mucus, and when it falls out, it means your cervix has officially started "ripening" for the big day.

Because it can get a little bloody from VEINS RIPPING IN YOUR CERVIX, losing your mucus plug is sometimes called the "Bloody Show."

Mucus plugs vary in size. Many women don't even notice when they lose it, while others seem to look like this banana slug:

Don't worry, though: Pregnancy is a loooooong nine months, and by the time your mucus plug emerges, you're more than ready for it.

Here's some kittens in bubbles to erase what you just saw.