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21 Times You Knew You Were Growing Up Into A Woman

RIP boobless body.

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1. You graduated from Seventeen to Cosmopolitan.


... And no longer giggled at the Sex & Love section.

2. Your go-to tween queens were all of the sudden A-list celebrities.

Getty / Jason Merritt
Getty / Chelsea Lauren

Lizzie McGuire is that you?

3. You started drinking wine to relax and talk, not to get drunk.

Bravo / Via

... But that might happen anyway.

4. Facebook became your primary tool for sending out e-vites for brunches and parties.

Candace Lowry / BuzzFeed

Seeing how your high school friends were doing was just another plus.

5. Little Leo now looked like this.


Looks like Jack let go.

6. You looked forward to getting home and having "me time," not limited to an hour-long bath.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

I will never leave this tub.

7. Limited Too no longer fit you, because your butt abruptly came in.

Limited too

What is happening to my body?

8. When other girls voiced their opinion about you, you gave zero shits for the first time.

Disney / Via

Oh you don't like me? Good thing I ran out of fucks to give.

9. For Christmas, you started asking for home decor and clothes instead of the new Malibu Barbie.



I really need something for my room... because I am poor.

10. You bought your first full outfit with your own money.

AMC / Via

I am a working woman, hear me roar.

11. Being in love with high school Shawn Hunter was officially considered creepy.

ABC / Via

Still have feelings for him knowing you're riding strong into your 20s.

12. You were no longer into Forever 21.

Forever 21 /
Harpo Productions, Inc.

Hello J. Crew. How do you do, Ann Taylor?

13. You started spending more time on yourself by revamping your wardrobe.


It's time to get a work wardrobe, and look how I want.

14. You experienced the hellacious nightmare that is waxing.


So what your saying is, I have to EITHER have razor burn or violently getting my hair ripped out?

15. You didn't understand slang words your friend's sister was using.



16. Wishes for what you wanted out of life became wants, and you knew how to get them.

CW / Via

Like it's hard?

17. People who hit on you asked if you were married, not if you had an S.O..


Excuse me?

18. You bought a matching bra and underwear set.


19. You realized things aren't as equal as you thought.

Disney / Via

You mean equal pay STILL doesn't exist?

20. Your idea of a good time became Bravo, a beer, and your cat.


I need me some trash TV.

21. You realized that you were fiercely independent and ready to change the world.


Bring. It. On.

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