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21 Unique Problems Only People Who Go To A Christian College Understand

So many random acts of kindness.

1. Going to university-sponsored events and seeing alcohol has been replaced with soda.

2. But really...

3. Assuming your Old Testament class would be a piece of cake.

4. Being asked by friends outside of school if you hate the LGBT community.


Don't let the extremist views get the best of you.

5. Hearing every prayer joke in the book.

6. Discovering that you're the only one who can't play the ukulele.

Why was I not given the power to sing every song in its acoustic version?!

7. Or the only one who fails at unintentionally dressing like the perfect hipster.

8. Watching that one extreme person push their views on everyone.

9. Never being able to drink on campus comfortably

10. The bros... so many bros.

11. Knowing that you can't stay over at the opposite sex's dorm.

Paramount Pictures

Welp, now that I'm comfortable and falling asleep, I better get back.

12. Being waaayyyyy behind on your convocation credits.

13. #SoBlessed being your school's No. 1 hashtag and it's used unironically.

NBC / Via


14. Facing the fact that everyone is either really single or on the verge on marriage.

15. Never truly knowing if that one cute guy is or isn't gay.

BBC / Via

16. Realizing people are more into that ring by spring life than dating.

17. Pretending like it's totally normal when people show up to campus barefoot for a cause on a 100 degree day.

18. Awkwardly running into a prayer group while loudly talking with friends.

19. Experiencing too many random acts of kindness.

20. Having some friends whose idea of a party is glow sticks, M&M shooters, and top 40 music.

21. Rarely being able to get away with skipping class because your teacher knows everybody.

Despite the challenges, you LOVE attending a christian school, and dread the day you have to say goodbye to everyone.

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