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25 Times You Knew Your Mom Was Actually Your Best Friend

Yes, my mom's my BFF. Deal with it.

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1. When you realized your day was incomplete when it didn't include a call from your mom.

How else will you catch up on each other's lives?

2. And Rory and Lorelai became your and your mom's relationship goals.

Warner Bros. Television / Via

3. When you knew how to call each other out without hurting each other's feelings.

4. Whenever you went out to eat, and ended up ordering the same thing for the 20th time.

Maybe we should stop ordering without discussing first...

5. When you couldn't buy new clothes without getting your mom's opinion.


Because she's not afraid to give her honest opinion.

6. And when you were able to basically share each other's closets.

7. And that awkward time you wore the same thing...

My mom and I get into the car, look at each other and laugh because we are wearing the same thing 👭 #twins

Michelle Bailey@mbailzzFollow

My mom and I get into the car, look at each other and laugh because we are wearing the same thing #twins

4:09 PM - 12 Jul 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

8. When she had your back in the most badass way.

CW / Via

Nobody messes with a woman's daughter.

9. And knew exactly how to make you feel better on a bad day.

"My mom just blows me away." *tears*

10. When you knew she was the only person who could help you get through a job interview.

Harpo Productions, Inc. / Via

"Just tell me I'm going to be OK."

11. And when she was the one who never judged you for that horribly embarrassing thing you did.

DreamWorks Studios

"I just called the employer Fred, when his name was TODD. TODD, MOM."

12. When you couldn't be more excited to have your mom sleepover at your apartment.

Trash TV and stayin' up all night. BFFFFFFs.

13. And you discovered you both shared the same favorite show, and HAD to recap with each other every episode.

Warner Bros. Television

**Must include a glass of wine and pizza.

14. Or when you developed your own personal movie bucket list together.

"You're both going to watch them together by the end of 2015. Duh."

15. When she was willing to listen to all your problems for hours on end...

16. ...Even if it meant giving you picture-perfect advice...


17. ...Or not being afraid to just tell you how it is.

Thx mom, needed that...

Thx mom, needed that...

18. And when you gave someone advice straight from your mom's mouth.

19. When you had to call your mom after a first date.

FOX / Via

LOL Mom it was so bad. Like SO BAD.

20. Or when she was your emergency call just in case a dream date was quickly turning into a nightmare.



21. When you missed your mom more than any of your friends when you went to college.

Paramount Pictures

I hate it here. Can I come home?

22. When you knew she was who you wanted to be when you grew up.

23. And when you had no idea how you were going to be as good of a mom as she was.

24. Finally, when you were willing to do anything for each other...

25. ...Just to see each other succeed.

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