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This Two-Legged Dog's Owners Made Her An Amazing Wheelchair From 3D Printing

"Bubbles is probably our best mistake ever."

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Once Trevor Byers and Elissa Smoak saw Bubbles the dog, they knew she was just perfect. Bubbles was born without front legs, but with some trial and error, her owners designed a custom-built wheelchair just for her, and it's amazing.

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One of their rescue dogs gave birth to Bubbles, and after seeing that she didn't have front legs, they knew they just had to keep her!

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"We are against breeding due to the overpopulation of shelters and rescues all around the world. But Bubbles is probably our best mistake ever," they told BuzzFeed.

Their design idea used and combined the best of every set of wheels out there.

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The said they "took the high adjustability from the larger metal carts and the light weight fast prototyping of 3D printing to come up with my cart."


But it wasn't as easy as it sounds. Most of Bubbles' first carts "were putting too much stress on her delicate back," her owners said.

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"I was just trying something new like always but this time when I strapped her in and went outside she just took off running and hasn't stopped since," one owner said.

Because of Bubbles' success, Trevor and Elissa have started a business devoted to making carts for other dogs just like her. Check out Hop testing out a ride.

Facebook: Bubbles2legs

"She has opened us up to a world of handicap dogs that we knew very little about and from all that I have learned from getting her up and running I now have the skills to help other pups in need," they said. "So thanks to our little mistake, Bubbles already dogs around the world our enjoying freedom thanks to her carts."