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A Puppy Was Saved From Being Euthanized And It's So Wonderful


Krusty Kristy was found abandoned and suffering from mange (hence the name Krusty Kristy) by Vet Ranch rescue. They were able to help her make a FULL recovery, and her story is wonderful.

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Kristy was saved from being euthanized by the vets, even though she was extremely sick.

They first gave her a bath and wrapped her up like a burrito in a towel so they could further examine her skin.

Just after one bath and some ample rest, the Lab mix was already wagging her tail and up for playing!

Three weeks later, her scabs were starting to disappear...

...and then she looked like a brand-new puppy at the eight-week mark. They also dropped the "Krusty" from her name!

What a difference a little love and some medicine can make!

The nonprofit in Texas was able to help Kristy purely from donations from animal lovers. <3