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27 Things That Will Never Make Sense To Type-A People

"Can't" isn't in your vocabulary.

1. Being PERPETUALLY late to every single meeting you have with someone.

2. Being told to relax.

3. Or even trying to relax in general.

4. Starting a major project RIGHT before it's due.

5. Or getting through college without at least one all-nighter.

6. Using the floor as a closet.

7. Allowing a messy desktop to happen.

Clean that shit up. You have folders. WHY AREN'T THEY BEING USED?

8. And working well with a cluttered workspace.

9. Opting to work with a group over working alone.

10. Or if you HAVE to be in a group, not stepping up to lead it.

11. Seeing texts or emails and not instantly replying.

If you had time to read it, you had time to respond.

12. Or allowing this to happen.

13. Keeping a bag like this.

14. Having only one alarm for the entire day.

15. Being unable to multitask.

16. Not opening all the cashiers at movie theaters, grocery stores, OR ANYWHERE WITH A POTENTIAL LINE.

17. Being passive-aggressive with feedback instead of just fixing the problem.

18. Thinking there's more important things in life than winning.

19. Saying "I don't know, what about you?" after you've been asked what you want for dinner.

20. Acknowledging that some things are out of your control.

21. Thinking nothing is ever urgent.

22. Walking or driving like you have nothing important to do.

23. Living a life without concrete plans or a full calendar.

24. Or being task-free for the day.

25. And then saying you "have all the time in the world."

26. Accepting that you can't do everything.

27. Speaking of which, "I can't" will never be in your vocabulary.