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The Actress Behind Miranda Sings Had The Best Response To Haters

"Your not atriative yur very agly"

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Colleen Ballinger aka Miranda Sings was looking through her comments and noticed people had really bad attitudes...and really bad grammar. So, she wrote a wonderful song about them and put her hater blockers on.

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She sang the comments like "shes tertible," and "Yo lips fat den a bitch yo shit look like 2 salmon patties." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What a "freeck," right?

Mean comments can get you down, but Ballinger thinks differently. Looks like she's coming out on top!


Let's read some more like, "Im sorry but dat bish be stupeh bish."

Grammar nerds unite.

Way to go, Colleen! Uh, wait, I mean Miranda!

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