29 Secrets Sorority Girls Won't Tell You

    Sisterhood is not what you think.

    1. Half of chapter consists of passing around and eating baked goods.

    2. You secretly stalk PNMs on social media during recruitment.

    3. Much of initiation is showering pledges with gifts and food.

    Happy Initiation Day to my sweet little, @Brandi_Niday!! I love you so much! Hope you like your presents! AOT

    4. Fines are the bane of your existence.

    5. Sorority pins are too damn expensive.

    6. Singing your sorority songs is awkward and uncomfortable.

    7. You have to keep a relatively high GPA to stay in the sorority and have required study sessions.

    8. You raise at least five figures worth of money after every philanthropy event.

    9. You want to kill anyone who tells you that you bought your friends.

    10. You rushed primarily for the networking.

    11. You have the urge to throw up your sign wherever you go, no matter what you're doing.

    12. If you are a member of the same sorority as your prospective employer, you have a significantly better chance of getting hired.

    13. You actually do love each and every one of your Greek shirts.

    14. Recruitment turns everyone into monsters.

    15. As cheesy as it is, you will be flooded with memories and never fail to cry on pref night.

    16. You have friends outside your sorority that you're just as close with.

    17. You will never know what "snappy casual" actually means.

    18. If things do start going downhill during recruitment, you have secret SOS codes.

    19. You're anyone but Martha Stewart when it comes to crafting.

    20. If there is free food, sororities will come.

    21. The moment you see something with your symbol on it, you have the sudden urge to buy it.

    22. You forget the Greek alphabet as soon as you learn it.

    23. You constantly debate getting a tattoo in remembrance of your sorority.

    24. Formals are sometimes more stressful than enjoyable.

    25. You quickly realize you would rather date someone unaffiliated than someone in a fraternity.

    26. Learning your handshake and secret password was not nearly as cool as you thought it would be.

    27. The sorority squat has become your go-to pose for any photo.

    28. No matter how long you're in a sorority, you will feel a little weird calling someone your "sister."

    29. When senior year rolls around, you can't stand the idea of graduating and separating.