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26 Reasons Why Texas Will Always Be Home

"Why would you ever want to leave Texas?"


1. Because a Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich will never stop calling your name at 2:00 AM.

2. And there's nothing like accompanying your meal with an ice-cold Lone Star, the best state beer in the country.

3. Because you can't get the magical taste of Bluebell (or those little wooden spoons) anywhere else.

4. Because there's nothing like the camaraderie of cheering on the Cowboys or your Cotton Bowl team at Jerryworld.

5. And all football rivalries pale in comparison to A&M and Texas.

6. Because the "Friday night lights" don't shine brighter in any other state.

7. And nobody else understands the insanity of the homecoming mum tradition.

8. Because there's nothing like spending those summer nights at the lake.

9. And other water parks are child's play compared to Schlitterbahn.

10. Nothing can beat spending a lazy day floating down Guadalupe River.

11. Because you can't get your fried food fix anywhere but the Texas State Fair.

12. And the Houston Rodeo is the one time where everyone has an excuse to wear their boots for the day.

13. Because if you need to escape for a little bit, the serenity of West Texas is hard to beat.

14. Because you'll be able to get your fill of art no matter where you go...

15. ... and you'll find it in the most unique and unexpected places.

16. Because you wouldn't mind actually living in Arlen with Hank and the guys.


17. And you know Walker, Texas Ranger will always have your back.


18. Because there's nothing more comforting than staying in and watching Texas thunderstorms.

19. And the one-of-a-kind bluebonnets are breathtaking reminders of picture-perfect Texas springs.

20. Because a bottle of the original Dr. Pepper MADE WITH REAL SUGAR is always waiting for you in Dublin.

21. Because waking up to warm and fresh kolaches from Czech Stop will always be the best breakfast...

22. ... Unless you pick up the best doughnut in the world at Round Rock Donuts.

23. Because nobody shares your everlasting love for watching tortillas being hand-rolled at Uncle Julio's...

24. ... as well as your skill for creating the perfect BBQ platter.

25. And although you might forget a few things now and again, you'll never forget your first field trip to The Alamo.

26. And let's not forget the fact that Boyhood will now always be that constant reminder that Texas will forever be home.

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Texas forever.

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