21 Reasons Why Texas Girls Are The Best

It’s that Southern charm y’all.

1. Nobody EVER FOR ANY REASON messes with them.

2. Cowboy boots are an essential staple that only enhances their beauty.

3. They can gracefully carry giant-ass flowers on their chest all day.

4. They can actually deal with the most DAFUQ weather out there.

5. And they know how to keep their cool in emergency situations like a FREAKING TORNADO WARNING.

6. Not to mention, they’re super sassy and don’t care what other people think.

these texas girls don't mess around. #silomeet http://t.co/Samzf6mecJ

— daniel sloan (@dsloanphoto)

7. Being able to hold their alcohol is a rite of passage.

The pitcher is poured y'all! Ring dunk tomorrow!!!!! #ringdunk #aggiering

— Lauren LeCroy (@LaurenLeCroy)

8. Dates are never boring with a girl from central Texas.

All new photos of horseback riding West Texas in the Davis Mountains. http://t.co/bgkPaAvfCO

— Equitrekking (@Equitrekking)

9. Sports are an essential part of their lives, whether it be playing softball in the spring…

who knows what's gonna happen, but Nicholls State had a good camp, and the Texas girls rocked it⚾️❤️

— cami barnes (@_camibarnes)

10. … or anxiously watching college football towards the fall.

UT vs BAYLOR game!! Hook em horns!@ZTAFraternity

— Rebecca Ross † (@rebeccaross93)

11. Their spirits are always high no matter the outcome.

FOX / Via perezhilton.com

12. Texas girls value the simpler things in life.

A true Texas girl can't resist any chance to listen to the rain ✌️

— Lily Auker (@LilyAuker)

13. Yet appreciates the finer things.

It doesn't matter if you live in the heart of Texas; it's that Texas lives in your heart.

— James Avery Jewelry (@jamesavery)

14. They stay true to their hometown cooking.

All the way from Texas, I'm always a Texas girl at heart. Parents brought me @Whataburger to New York

— Alexis Bloomer (@ABloomer11)

15. Have you heard their subtle but sweet accents?

16. Humidity has nothing on them. Look at that flawless hair.

My Texas girl teaching me the country ways

— Kristin Howard (@KristinHoward36)

17. When the state fair rolls around, they have the appetites of champions.

18. They’re not afraid to stand up for themselves, and embrace being a woman.

HBO / Via youtube.com

19. Texas girls love the outdoors during the boiling hot summers…

The BFF hooked this one while fishing a watermelon worm Texas style, near the reeds... #bassfishing #fishing

— Debbie Hanson (@shefishes2)

20. … Or what feels like devastatingly cold winters.

Texas girls aren't used to this!

— SaraBeth (@SBSwags)

21. No matter where they go, Texas will always hold a special place in their hearts.

Texas forever.

What u know about them Texas girls

— Ms. Terri ❤ (@tehenderson1)

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