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25 Reasons Why Having A Baby Sounds Absolutely Terrifying

Pregnancy virgins, prepare to have sweaty palms.

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2. You're told to avoid so many things while pregnant, not limited to sushi, lunch meat, hot dogs, certain cheeses, certain meats, coffee, and of course, alcohol.

Later, Lunchables.


4. You may have insane food cravings, but proceed to throw up once you get a whiff of what you crave.

6. Your body can become so swollen during pregnancy, you manage to even outgrow all your shoes.


8. Before going into actual labor, you can experience Braxton-Hicks contractions just 'cause your body just feels like practicing for the real thing.

They can start as early as the second trimester.

10. Your S.O. and countless people will have a front-row seat to look all up in your junk for hours on end.

12. After all the fun and games are over, you then have to give birth to your placenta after the baby is out.

**Shown in pill form to avoid viewing the monstrosity that is placenta.**


14. Baby poop is so forceful, not even the strongest diaper can hold it.

16. Babies are essentially crawling tornadoes.


18. They are hungry 24/7 and wreak havoc on your body.

Next stop: Sore Nipple Station.

20. Trips will no longer consist of just hopping in the car and going.

22. The baby weight takes months, if not years, to take off.

24. You will be solely responsible for the life of a tiny human being.

This is my burrito baby. There are many like it, but this one is mine.


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