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    24 Questions All College Seniors Eventually Ask Themselves

    Is it OK to cry...every day?

    1. "Why does it feel like I'm the only one who doesn't have a job lined up after graduation?"


    Should I be worried?

    2. "Why is everyone getting engaged?"


    Also, where are people getting the money for the ring? I can't even afford guac at Chipotle.

    3. "What do I do if I get a job far away from all my friends and family?"


    It's like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but without the magical jeans and any chance of seeing each other again.

    4. "These freshmen don't even know how lucky they are, you know?"

    I would do anything for another four years.

    5. "Why are my professors giving me hard finals? Do they not want me to graduate?"

    6. "What if these four years were actually the 'best years of my life'?"

    Focus Features

    What now?

    7. "Does anyone else not know half the people at parties?"

    Warner Bros.

    Do they think I'm cool or lame?

    8. "Am I wasting my last few months at college by happily staying home on Friday nights and watching Netflix?"

    I feel like I should be seizing the day, but I also need to know if Walter White dies in the end.

    9. "Is it OK to wear sweatpants to a bar because I give zero shits?"

    Universal Pictures

    They're just so damn comfortable?

    10. "What do I talk about when I'm networking?"

    20th Century Fox

    So, I have to compete against all my other classmates for one job? Mmmk.

    11. "How might one have a good résumé?"


    So by experience you mean school activities?

    12. "So you're telling me I have to write a new cover letter for every job application?"


    Dear Employer,

    Have mercy on me.

    13. "Why does this entry-level position say one to three years' experience preferred?"


    How do I get experience IF I NEED EXPERIENCE IN THE FIRST PLACE?

    14. "This is my last ______, isn't it?"


    This is it. I've peaked.

    15. "So you're telling me the GPA I worked my ass off for doesn't even really matter unless I want to go to grad school?"


    BRB I need to collect myself.

    16. "Missing a Friday class or two... or three... won't be that bad, right?"


    The goal is just to pass now, right? And then become a confused twentysomething.

    17. "Is it creepy to have a crush on a freshman and Facebook-stalk them?"

    Comedy Central

    They're just so cute...

    18. "Does my spring break have to be insane and crazy since it's my last week of total freedom?"


    Do I make it to Cabo or wait for Coachella? OH, WAIT, I DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY.

    19. "Is it OK if I punch the next person in the face who asks me what my post-graduation plans are?"


    I DO. NOT. KNOW. OK?!

    20. "What's the lowest possible GPA I can hold to graduate from school?"

    Sony Pictures Classics

    Now that I know GPA DOESN'T MATTER.

    21. "How will I pay off these loans?"

    22. "Am I going to be stuck in some soul-crushing cubicle for the rest of my life?"

    20th Century Fox

    I can't live in khakis.

    23. "What if I don't have a job after I graduate? Will I have wasted a shitload of money?"


    I can't spend next year back in my hometown in my old bedroom.

    24. "Did I live these past four years to the fullest?"


    I don't know, but I had A DAMN GOOD TIME.... Welp, here goes graduation.

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