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23 People You Eventually Meet At A Christian College

May the Lord be with you.

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1. The RA who is determined to help you stay pure.

Classic line: "I cannot wait to grow spiritually with you all this year."

3. The friend who always has to let you know how much they're studying even if it's for a religion class that has nothing to do with their major.

Classic line: "Guys, I don't think you realize HOW MUCH work I have."


5. The girl who wants to get engaged before graduating.

Classic line: "I came here to find my forever and always."

6. That one person who writes Bible verses and inspirational quotes on various desks and book shelves.

Classic line: *scribbles "God loves you" on desk and runs away*


9. The person who doesn't believe in dating multiple people.

Classic line: *goes on one date* "We're basically a thing now."

11. The devastatingly perfect hipster Christian couple.

Classic line: *snaps picture of absurdly hip activity* "I just can't wait to spend the rest of my life with this man/woman."

12. And the girl who wears only Free People and looks amazing.

Classic line: "Oh, this dress? I've had it for a while. It's SO OLD."


14. The person who picks up a ukulele or acoustic guitar and starts singing harmonized covers of every popular song out there.

Classic line: "I've only been practicing for a few hours, but I have a four-part mashup of a couple pop songs and a worship hymn."

15. The student who insists on the fact that they'll be a failure, but ends up having a steady stream of internships and graduates summa cum laude.

16. The rich "bro tank" bros.

Classic line: "Wanna go to my rager?" *doesn't mention it's at a mansion*


20. The one clueless person who miraculously gets all their convocation credits in the last two weeks.


Classic line: "Yeah, I probably won't get all my credits, but I don't give a shit." *gets more credits than you*


21. The person who you thought was totally nonreligious but ends up being more spiritual than you.

Classic line: *second semester senior year* "I've actually read the Bible multiple times."