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What Happens When People Try To Test The Stereotype Of Asians Being Good At Math

"I'm not that smart...I'm actually dumb."

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All Def Digital has decided to test various racial stereotypes, and recently, they chose to break down the "smart Asian" stereotype, by testing people with math questions.

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This guy didn't really feel that smart until he came to America.

And this guy was kind of into the stereotype. You think he's smart just from what he looks like? Right on.

But let's get to the true test. Question ONE: There are 46 Kendrick Lamars dancing on a light pole. How many feet are standing on the pole?

Did you know the answer?

If you guessed 92, you guessed right. So far, the Asians are losing 2-1.

But they were able to turn it around with this question: Lizette has 823 stamps. She has 125 more stamps than Minerva. How many stamps does Minerva have?

Time to get into a tougher problem: Suge Knight has been saving cans for his garden in prison. If he has 54 sunflower seeds and nine cans, how many seeds will go in each can, if they are placed evenly?


FINAL ROUND: Donald Trump can insult 28 people per second. How many people can he insult in three seconds?


Clearly, this guy did not feel like a winner...

...and this guy got a confidence boost. it true? You decide. Watch the full video here.

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