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Kids Read Mean Tweets And It Was Super Upsetting

"Allan's voice is so annoying it makes me wish I was deaf."

Everyone knows Jimmy Kimmel's hilarious "Mean Tweets" segments where celebrities, political figures, and athletes read cruel tweets about themselves.

The Canadian Safe School Network created a similar video using everyday teens to show the reality of cyberbullying.

Teens begin to read the tweets and, at first, laugh off the insults with the audience.

But as the tweets get meaner and meaner, the audience stops laughing, and the teens start to take the remarks to heart.

Finally, one girl is told to go kill herself, and walks out.

Once all the laughter dies out, "Cyberbullying is no joke" comes across the screen, emphasizing how prevalent the issue is with teens and young adults.

You can learn more about The Canadian Safe School Network's anti-bullying campaign here or check out the full video below:

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