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26 Feelings Musical Theatre Kids Will Remember Forever

Give 'em the old razzle dazzle.

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1. Seeing the musical that changed everything for you.

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2. The excitement after your theatre teacher announces the season's production.

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3. Practicing your audition song over and over, no matter where you are.

4. The pit in your stomach after hearing someone before you kill their audition.

5. Walking into your audition, you're crying on the inside, but on the outside...

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6. The wave of nausea right before you see the cast list.

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7. The euphoria after seeing you got the role you wanted.

8. The devastation after getting cast as "Townsperson #1."

9. Congratulating your biggest competitor when they get your favorite role.

10. Finding out who your understudy is.

11. Realizing you may in fact not be a triple threat.

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12. Being told you're the dramatic one of your friends.

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13. The rage when someone tried to take theatre "for fun."

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14. Getting the news that you have to choreograph and perform a fight scene in front of everyone.

15. Feeling super edgy after seeing "Spring Awakening" or "Rent" for the first time.

16. The stone cold fear after your director abruptly stopped rehearsal to announce she's lost all faith in the production.

17. Coming home after a grueling twelve hour rehearsal.

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18. The moment during tech rehearsals when everything finally starts working out.

19. Being made fun of for calling yourself a "thespian."

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20. Waking up in a cold sweat after dreaming you're not ready for opening night.

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21. The joy of hearing it's a full house.

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22. When you blow the entire audience away.

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23. The painfully awkward reality of someone forgetting their line.

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24. Hearing about all your friends hooking up at the cast party.

25. The bittersweet moment after your final show as a student.

26. Striking the set.

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