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    28 Faces Every Person Who Works In An Office Will Immediately Recognize

    Speakerphone is for closed doors.

    1. The "Someone Just Popped Open Some Day-Old Fishy Food" face:

    When your coworker heats up fish in the office.

    2. The "I Can CLEARLY See You Not LOLing from my Gchat" Face:

    When the coworker sitting next to you types "lol" to you in a chat but doesn't actually lol

    3. The "I'm Not in the Mood, Susan" Face:

    4. The "I Have Lost All Chances of Distraction at My Desk" Face:

    When you get to the office and realize you forgot your phone charger at home...

    5. The "I Am Shamelessly Late and You Better Not Say a WORD" Face:

    When you come into work late and your coworker says she'll mention it to the boss...

    6. The "Did I Remember to Turn on My Out-of-Office Reply?" Face:

    When you can't remember if you turned your out of office voicemail greeting on

    7. The "Personally Fixed the Printer, BITCH" Face:

    That feeling when you fix the office printer without calling IT

    8. The "Really? Reply All? Really?" Face:

    when someone hits that reply all on an all-office email #relatable #relatabletweet

    9. The "I'm Awkwardly Attempting to Console A Heartbroken Coworker" Face:

    When your co worker crying over her man <img src="">

    10. The "Oh Shit, I Just Saw Carol Skip Washing Her Hands After the Bathroom" Face:

    When ur in the bathroom and a coworker walks out without washing their hands <img src="">

    11. The "I Just Got Here So Let Me Be" Face:

    My face when a coworker tries to talk to me before I've had my coffee

    12. The "I Don't Have Time For Menial Conversation After Work" Face:

    When you already clocked out and your coworker tryna hold a conversation

    13. The "Bitch, Didn't You Start Today?" Face:

    When a brand new coworker starts talking like they know more than you, you look at them like

    14. The "I'm Just Trying to Get Through Five Minutes With This Coworker" Face:

    When the coworker you hate won't stop talking

    15. The "I Know You Sent Me an Email and I Will See It Eventually" Face:

    When a co-worker emails you then sprints over to your desk and goes, "Hey I just sent you an email."

    16. The "Did I Ask How Your Weekend Was?" Face:

    When a coworker interrupts your busy day to tell you the intimate details of her life story, unsolicited:

    17. The "I Know You're Playing Candy Crush Instead of Working" Face:

    when someone forgets to turn the sound off on their phone in the office and you hear candy crush

    18. The "Are You Actually Going to Ask a Final Question in This Meeting?" Face:

    When u tryna get out of a office meetin but it's always that 1 coworker that wants to keep askin questions

    19. The "I Spaced Out That Entire Meeting" Face:

    The face you make when you don't know what the hell they was talking about in a meeting.. My Current Mood..

    20. The "Can Anyone Fix the Copier?" Face:

    When somebody asks about the copy machine at work @marisacagnina

    21. The "Maybe I Was the First to See the Free Donut Email" Face:

    When that "donuts in the break room" email pops up in your inbox...


    My co-workers when they hear there are donuts in the break room.

    23. The "I'm Totally Out of My Element in the Break Room" Face:

    When pregnant people talk about pregnant problems in the break room and I'm just waiting for the coffee to brew like

    24. The "Movin' On Up: Crush Just Liked My Shirt" Face:

    #CurrentMood when my office crush says he likes my shirt

    25. The "I Just Sent a Company-Wide Email with a Typo" Face:

    When you send out an email to the whole office and find a typo... #MyLife

    26. The "Someone Just Brought Their Kids to the Office" Face:

    My face with all these kids screaming in the office

    27. The "Do You Realize How Annoying Speakerphone Is?" Face:

    When a coworker uses his IP-phone on "Speaker" mode in the Open Office #CorporateLife

    28. And the "If You Cough Without Covering Your Mouth ONE MORE TIME..." Face:

    This is everyone in my office when the chick who has been sick for 3 weeks hacks all over the shared copier.