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Exes Played "Truth Or Drink" And It Was Wonderfully Awkward

"What did your parents think of me?"

Cut Video convinced a few brave exes to reunite and play "Truth or Drink." The rules? Answer the super-awkward question provided or take a shot. Let's just say they did a lot of both.

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After taking a shot or two to take the edge off, the questions started out on the easier side, like "Why did we break up?"

For the most part, every couple agreed with why things ended. One girl even sent her boyfriend a "letter of termination."

And he fired right back with an AMAZING rebuttal letter.

Next up: "How long did it take you to get over us and what did you do?" Immediately, this guy went for the drink.

Time for a bonus round! "I dare you to take a body shot off of me. To get out of this, you have to take two shots." They did it! YAAAASSSS.

And then things got weird. "Do I ever pop into your head when you masturbate?" A lot of them actually said yes.

Now comes the dare to kiss each other on the mouth. Down the hatches!

But others were ready for that kiss!

Maybe...too ready.

TBH, can some of these couples get back together, please?!