26 Everyday Habits That Make You An Evil Human Being

    Humanity, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. Picking your nose and slyly putting the remnants on something nearby.

    2. Idling in a coveted parking spot.

    3. Crop-dusting your way through town.

    4. Leaving a dressing room looking like a tornado just ripped through it.

    I want to murder whoever did this #retailproblems

    5. Pretending to text so you don't have to awkwardly start a conversation.

    6. Secretly getting joy out of cutting someone off.

    7. Letting clothes fall off hangers, then proceeding to leave them on the ground.

    Why is there so much clothes on the ground #foreverratchet21

    8. Judging the way complete strangers look.

    9. Becoming frustrated with slow-walking old people.

    10. Screening texts, just because you don't feel like talking to someone.

    11. Screening calls from your parents.

    I missed ONE call from my mom. I guess "dramatic" is genetic...

    12. Wishing failure upon a co-worker, just because you don't like them.

    13. Tailgating people who are obeying the speed limit.

    14. Hating on people just doing their job.


    15. Casually walking up to a friend with the sole intention of cutting in line.

    16. Taking the last dessert, just for the satisfaction.

    17. Wearing sunglasses inside, when you're perfectly sober.

    You're wearing sunglasses... And you're inside... ok

    18. Talking or texting during a sold-out movie.

    19. Parking absurdly close to a car just so you can get a good spot.

    Good thing this lady parked so close to me I had to get in from the other side

    20. Using all the toilet paper, and leaving the empty roll for someone else to take care of.

    Seriously is it too hard to replace the toilet paper roll if you used it all

    21. Touching food in the produce isle, and putting it back just so you can test for ripeness.

    22. Leaving paper towels on the ground after failing to shoot a "Kobe."

    Looks like you missed the trash can there bub

    23. Eavesdropping on a complete stranger's conversation, because it's just SO juicy.

    24. Leaving items anywhere but their respectful place while shopping.

    Look how they treat their hoe's at walmart. They just leave them on the shelf in the wrong isle. #disgrace

    25. Avoiding recycling, because it's just so much easier to throw everything out at once.

    26. Throwing shade at pedestrians while driving.


    The thing is, it's human nature.