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Chrissy Teigen's Cry Face Was The Greatest Thing To Happen At The Golden Globes

We are all Chrissy Teigen.

Last night, during a heartwarming speech by Common and Chrissy's husband John Legend, Chrissy Teigen showed us all her crying face, and gave us a reaction face we all needed.

It's perfect for any situation...

1. When someone eats pizza in front of you when you're trying to eat healthfully:

2. Whens someone pronounces GIF "jif":

3. When people sing "Happy Birthday" to you:

4. When someone gets credit for the project you slaved over:

5. When there's no food at the party you're at:

6. When you run into someone you went to high school with:

7. When someone asks you to be the DD:

8. When you get interrupted in the middle of your story:

9. When your crush uploads a pic of their new gf/bf:

10. When you're craving dessert and you're offered "sugar-free" brownies:

11. When it feels like a Friday, but it's actually a Tuesday:

12. When your boss asks you to do something at 4 p.m.:

13. When someone has their keyboard sound on while texting:

14. When your parents ask, for the 100th time, if you're dating anyone:

15. When you try to take a picture on your phone and accidentally have the front-face camera on:

16. When you get on the elevator and someone takes it one floor:

17. When your friends invite you out and you're the only single one:

18. When someone farts right next to you and you wanna act cool:

19. When you feel like hot shit, then Chrissy Teigen walks into the room:

20. And when you realize you just became a meme:

But whatever, she's still flawless.