23 Extremely Creepy Things Every '00s Tween Will Never Admit To Doing


    1. Pretending your mechanical pencil was a syringe, and feeling like a total badass.

    Why you'll never forgive yourself: Because you thought it was pretty cool that you could make such a believable ~optical illusion.~

    2. Going into a chat room and exchanging your "A/S/L" with a total stranger.

    3. Turning "invisible" on and off to make sure your crush heard the door slamming and opening on AIM.

    Why you'll never forgive yourself: Because if he wasn't paying attention after your third sign-off, he was never going to pay attention.

    4. Making a really ominous MySpace status so people would ask you what's wrong.

    5. Placing your Sim in a crazy situation where you could let them die.

    6. Or trying to get them to have sex with another Sim who conveniently shared the same name as your crush.

    7. Ranking the hottest boys in your sixth grade class in your GirlTech Password Journal.

    8. Asking Jeeves the best way to learn how to kiss, and actually believing practicing on your hand would work.

    9. Recording yourself dancing or singing to emo music with your new camcorder.

    10. After watching Twister, imagining a tornado hitting your school, just so you could heroically save your crush.

    11. Ash causing your sexual awakening.

    12. Not feeding a Tamagotchi that you were supposed to be babysitting.

    13. Locking eyes with your Furby, and just knowing he was going to kill you one day.

    14. Convincing yourself that your very interesting and dramatic life could actually just be a reality show after watching The Truman Show.

    15. Always passing on chain letters, because if you didn't YOU WERE GOING TO DIE IN SEVEN HOURS.

    16. Writing your crush's name in the same color as your away message's background so your secret would never be revealed except when you highlighted it.

    17. Creating a complete alter ego for your emo self on Xanga.

    18. Giving your crush a burned CD that explained your secret obsession for them.

    19. Knowing that if you met the front man of your favorite emo band, you'd definitely fall in love.

    20. Changing your MySpace song to the same song your crush had to stage a serendipitous moment.

    21. Believing you had the power to summon the dead every time you used a Ouija board.

    22. Secretly being happy Marissa from The O.C died because she kinda sucked and Ryan needed to move on... to you.

    23. And being convinced that you have psychic powers after watching That's So Raven.