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23 Awkward Situations That Happen Every Year During Sorority Recruitment

August is coming...

1. Someone will blatantly express how ugly the recruitment shirt is in front of the girl who designed it.

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2. Then another someone will always forget said shirt for the day...

3. ...Causing your president and recruitment chair to morph into a crazy enraged monster that cusses her out in front of EVERY. ONE.

4. Now girls are hysterically crying before the first party is let in, and you have to pick up the pieces.

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5. You will make eye contact with a Potential New Member (PNM) while singing your sorority's song to her as she walks in.

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6. It's so damn loud in the rush room you sometimes have to pretend to understand what the PNM is saying.

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7. The room gets so hot, you ultimately have to carry on a conversation dripping in sweat.

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8. You will have at least one conversation that is so uncomfortable you'll want to crawl under a rock.

9. This could be the person that begs you for a bid...

10. ...or the PNM who asks you really uncomfortable and personal questions.

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11. But nothing is worse than the girl who obviously doesn't want to be there.

E! / Via

12. Someone will fart in the rush room and you have to act like nothing happened.

13. When saying good-bye, you will forget someone's name.

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14. They also will try to hug you when anything other than shaking hands is against the rules.

15. After the PNMs leave and you're reviewing who you just saw, one person will decide they're the leader and scream, "SHUT UP" to the entire group.

16. Two girls go at each other debating the fate of a certain PNM, and you just awkwardly sit there.

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17. Then everything crumbles to pieces and an all-out war breaks out due to lack of sleep.

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18. Friends in other sororities become your biggest competition and enemies during recruitment.

19. A PNM will try to talk to you outside the rush room and you have to pretend like they don't exist.

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20. During Preference Night someone gets really into the whole sisterhood thing and starts hysterically crying in front of all the PNMs.

21. Someone will be so off-pitch while attempting to harmonize, your ears will feel like bleeding.

22. On Bid Night, there will be PNMs scattered around you hysterically crying and asking what went wrong.

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23. When your new pledges are running to you, they will fall, and you have to hold it together.

Although recruitment might feel like hell on Earth, you are all in it together, and you'll end up with a new class to call your own.

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