21 Things You Should Never Assume About Texans

    "You must ride horses everywhere!" *rolls eyes*

    1. That we must love George W. Bush.

    2. That we're obsessed with guns.

    3. That we're all extremely conservative and proud of it.

    4. That our accents mean we're uneducated.

    5. That we love our big hair.

    6. That we're redneck racists.

    7. That all Texans are extreme bible-thumpers who are intolerant of all other views.

    8. That we are obsessed with cowboy hats and boots.

    Texas update: I still hate country music and I still don't own cowboy boots

    You heard it here, folks.

    9. Speaking of which...That our playlists only ever contain country music songs.

    10. That everyone owns at least one horse and a handful of cattle.

    11. That we all enjoy threatening to secede from the Union.

    God Bless America, Texas & Peace Tea✌ @TheArabella @PeaceIcedTea #PeaceTea

    12. That every woman and their mother has competed in pageants.

    13. That we all come from rich oil families or work in petroleum.

    14. That our Southern manners means that we act like we're superficial and two-faced.

    15. That we must be crazy about hunting and pride ourselves on the size of our game.

    Instead of shopping on Black Friday my mom and I went to the no fur rally @peta in Dallas. #vegan #voiceforanimals

    16. That we all know how to line dance.

    17. That everyone lives in the desert-like hell seen in No Country For Old Men.

    18. That people in Dallas must be just like the characters in the show Dallas.

    19. That anyone who isn't from Austin sucks.

    20. That we all love to wear camo and gaudy animal prints.

    21. That we all think Texas is the greatest state in the union.

    Well...that part is actually true.