An 8-Year-Old Boy Carried His Disabled Brother Through An Entire Triathlon

    "He's not heavy, he's my brother."

    Noah and Lucas Aldrich are brothers living in Boise, Idaho. Lucas was born with lissencephaly, a rare brain disorder that affects development and growth, as reported by the New York Daily News.

    He can't walk or talk, but this doesn't stop him from participating in his favorite activities like biking, skiing, and going to Disneyland.

    With the help of his eight-year-old brother Noah, six-year-old Lucas has even participated in marathons.

    “They're inseparable and they always have had a really close bond," his mother, Alissa Aldrich told BuzzFeed. "It’s interesting to watch the bond... when Noah walks into the room, you can see the twinkle in his eyes.”

    Recently, Noah and Lucas successfully completed a youth Triathlon together, where Noah pushed and pulled his brother through a 200-meter swim, three-mile bike ride, and one-mile run in the Idaho heat.

    The brothers were recently featured on the Today show, where Noah told reporters, "I like everything about him. He is perfect."

    Their mother Alissa has recently started the Lucas House Organization dedicated to children like Lucas, after getting inspiration from places like Ryan House of Phoenix and Helen & Douglas House in the UK.

    Post has been updated with a few awesome quotes from Lucas and Noah's mother, Alissa Aldrich about the experience and her inspiration for Lucas House