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14 Totally Useful Ways To "Waste" Time At Work

In an average 8 hour day, you'll probably complete about 4 hours of real work. What you do with the other 4 hours is up to you! Use it wisely.

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2. Create a non-traditional resume / Via

Complete with interesting graphics, appropriate photos and interesting facts you wouldn't put on your paper resume. This is your opportunity to showcase your skills, interests, and history in an impressive and innovative way. Plus, you'll look incredibly focused so your boss won't wonder if you're actually working.

5. Clean up your Facebook / Via

Delete old friends and useless or embarrassing pictures. Remove random pages you've "liked" and review your interests because you probably haven't looked at them since you made your page.

7. Daydream about your future / Via

And write down the things you see. Then figure out and record the necessary steps to get to that point. Spending time thinking about personal and professional development is something most people don't do enough.

10. Reconnect with old contacts

Remember that professor you used to chat with after class every Tuesday? How's she doing? What about your high school english teacher who just published a book? Take some time to shoot a quick email to some old friends, family, or colleagues and find out how life's been.

11. Check out your alma mater's alumni association / Via

These organizations often offer discounts to sporting events, networking opportunities, group trips and career fairs. You can volunteer with them or even become a member of their board or a certain committee.

12. Change your desktop wallpaper

If you have this classic Microsoft background or the cloudy sky wallpaper, you're doing it wrong. New wallpaper = new attitude. Try something funny or inspirational. National Geographic has awesome ones. Who doesn't want a lion wallpaper?

13. Create a Christmas budget and spending plan

It is never too early to begin planning for Christmas. If you wait until the last minute, you're creating extra stress. Why not plan now? Use an excel spreadsheet (so your boss doesn't ask questions) to determine who to buy for, an overall and itemized budget, and gift ideas. Need inspiration?

14. Make Twitter lists


Get your Tweet game up and use the excellent Lists tool on Twitter to organize what you follow. Twitter can be a huge mess if you have to sort through the content on your own. Make lists for News, Friends, Humor, HigherEd, etc. so you can get the information you're looking for quickly.

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