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    • camiox

      actually, the “alpha male behavior that women are attracted to” has nothing to do with evolution, it’s just social conditioning put on through movies and media. Almost all instances of an “alpha, beta, omega” social hierarchy in nature have been debunked and based on prehistoric evidence it is believed that homo sapiens have always been more egalitarian rather than hierarchical. The “alpha, beta, and omega” theory only takes form amongst animals observed in captivity rather than in the wild. I believe that the belief that the social hierarchy of “alpha, beta, and omega” is supported by science, is one of the reasons rape culture continues. The theory proposes that certain people are objectively better or worse than one another thus leading to a power struggle and the inevitable attempt at domination from either side of the struggle. That social/sexual power struggle is the primary fuel for rape culture and gender politics. Furthermore the theory is granted credibility thanks to obsolete science that people didn’t bother to verify, and since thus the aforementioned has become commonly accepted without question causing all kinds of problems in our society because simply, it doesn’t work, which is why it has been debunked. Social hierarchy is a product of our struggle to come to terms with being a civilized society. Once people start taking a more egalitarian perspective, a lot of these problems just start to vanish.

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