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    12 Ways To Get On Track To Zero Carbon Pollution

    World leaders have agreed to keep global warming to 2° C but what does that actually mean? We need leaders to get on track to zero carbon pollution and 100% clean energy through a fair and just transition. Here are just some of the ways you and I can get on track to zero.

    1. Be a leader in the streets


    Marches are part of making history. For inspiration check out the People's Climate Marches that took place all across the world on September 21st 2014!

    2. Join a local fight against the fossil fuel industry

    All politics are local and this is where we have to start. This amazing resource details local fights across the world

    3. Face up to 0 by getting creative and painting it on your face


    Use creative tactics like yoga and dance to disrupt the status quo and move us toward a cleaner world. Check-out 'the future' for more ideas.

    4. Make banners, placards anything that tells the world you're on the right side of history

    A fun way to say a message together, go on get your hands dirty!

    5. Get your workplace or profession on track to zero pollution


    Architects are ahead of the game on this one with a commitment to net zero carbon buildings by 2050. Could your workplace or profession join the crowd?

    6. Sign the world up to be 100% clean


    Avaaz's biggest petition ever also known as 100% clean - the climate petition to save the world calls on leaders everywhere to get on track zero.

    7. Invest in community powered energy

    People everywhere are taking control of their energy by investing time and money into powering and conserving it themselves. Is there a project in your area?

    8. Write to your local and national representatives - mayors, politicians, prime minsters

    We all have the power to hold our representatives to account! Copenhagen mayor Frank is working on making his city the first carbon neutral capital. Will your community join in?

    9. Eat local, better still grow your own

    Home cooked food is always amazing, home grown food is even better! Community gardens are springing up all across the world.

    10. Divest your institution from fossil fuels

    Churches, medical professionals and universities are all going fossil free. Visit for more info.

    11. Go carbon neutral like Christiana, the head of the UN Climate talks

    Via -

    All of the people who work for the UN Climate Talks decided they too had to walk the walk - them and their families went carbon neutral!

    12. Think about your responsibility and take action on climate change

    The transition must be just and fair. For food for thought check out this article on 'A Zero Emissions Manifesto for the Climate Justice Movement'

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