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    17 Facts You'll Only Understand If You Moved To Perth From The East Coast

    What the hell is Dome?

    1. You'll always complain about the fact that supermarkets close at what feels like 5pm.

    2. And the fact that it's so damn difficult to buy a coffee after 3pm.

    3. You'll eventually discover Dome and wonder what all the fuss it about.

    4. But it will take a little longer to understand how merging lanes are so hard for drivers to use properly.

    5. Your interest in going to Bali will peak as soon as you spy those flight prices.

    BRB Perth.

    6. You'll get used to the fact that everything either falls into the pre-mining or post-mining boom time periods.

    7. Getting rugged up in winter becomes something you thought you'd never miss, but definitely will.

    8. You'll find it super weird that there are "London cabs".

    9. And will feel compelled to step up your fitness regime every time you scroll through Instagram.

    10. No matter how hard you try, you'll find it tough to meet anyone who actually grew up in Perth.

    11. And you'll always miss having a proper Chinatown and a go-to dumpling joint.

    12. You'll notice yourself describing every cool place as "so Melbourne".

    13. You'll get really excited when a band you like actually comes to the west coast.

    14. You'll realise what beaches are really meant to look like.

    15. And will agree with everyone in the city that absolutely nothing beats a sunset over the Indian Ocean.

    16. You'll spend your weekends exploring the west coast and calling your east coast mates to tell them about your adventures.

    17. And you'll eventually admit that you've totally fallen to the charms of the west coast.

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