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    12 Reasons You Know You Are In Intapp

    You know you are in INTAPP when...

    You want Kevin's face on a Tshirt

    Or Jie's....

    When you realize it's 5:00 pm on Thursday and you get excited because in a half hour you have your INTAPP MEETING!!!

    And you also get excited when Jessica says she is bringing a "treat" to the meeting

    You realize everyone you surround yourself with knows at least 2, if not 5, languages fluently, and you thought you knew Spanish

    You are obsessed with encouraging people to STUDY ABROAD!!!

    Your favorite part of the meeting is seeing the former supertapper dance when giving away the supertapper award

    Jie is your favorite person in the world

    You get serious when you play laser tag

    When you go to a different country, you'll always have a friend waiting to greet you there with open arms

    You constantly find yourself trying to speak in different accents because you think it's cool but your friends think differently...

    And you know you will always have a true family that will always be there for you

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