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    The 23 Punniest Nail Polish Color Names Ever

    Because when it comes to manicures, I prefer a more hands-on approach. #nailedit

    1. Sand of a Beach - Essie

    2. Scarlett O'Hara - Essie

    3. Size Matters - Essie

    4. Orange Orange - Essie

    5. Seychelles Seashells - OPI

    6. Russian Navy - OPI

    7. Chilly Chile - OPI

    8. Naughty in Nice - OPI

    9. Prune Danish - OPI

    10. Stockholm on the Range - OPI

    11. Den-marks the Spot - OPI


    12. Wanted...Red or Alive - OPI

    13. Wyatt Earple Purple - OPI

    14. Life is a Cabernet - OPI

    15. Silent Mauvie - OPI

    16. Beige-jing - OPI

    17. Grape Wall of China - OPI

    18. Queen of D'Nile - OPI

    19. Chocolate Moose - OPI

    20. Polar Bare - OPI

    21. ChicaGo Get a Manicure! - OPI

    22. Call my M-Agent-A - OPI


    23. A Oui Bit of Red - OPI

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