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Mocking Paranormal Activity Digital Portrait Prank

This paranormal activity prank is intended to generate laughs of hilarity not screams of terror.

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For most delivery men, seeing a beautiful woman on the other side of the door is a dream come true. However, the Digital Portrait Prank is sure to change the minds of a few unsuspecting gentlemen. This prank is a spoof of the upcoming Paranormal Activity movie sub-titled The Ghost Dimension. However, the prank is intended to generate laughs of hilarity not screams of terror. There is a blood curdling moment in the video, but it's still one of the web's best spoof videos.

Delivery to Terror

What more could a delivery man ask for than having the door to a beautiful home answered by a raven haired temptress. There are a lot of men who have a fantasy that starts off just like that. The guys are so struck that they don't seem to mind when she asks them to hold on. Delivering food isn't exactly an exciting job, but the poor delivery men are about to get all the excitement they can handle. These guys are probably used to waiting a few minutes while their patrons find the funds. Perhaps this is why they pay little attention when an ominous rocking chair in the corner begins to move on its own. Unfortunately, a haunted toddler is the least of their worries as they wait patiently. Suddenly a book throws itself from a nearby bookshelf. This feat of telekinesis is a little harder to ignore, as the delivery men take notice. Before they can speak, they get the scare of a lifetime.

Ghost in the Portrait

It's not uncommon for people to have larger than life portraits of relatives who have passed on. Perhaps this is why the unsuspecting delivery guys didn't seem to notice the large painting of a woman in the middle of the living room. However, they wouldn't be able to ignore it for long because it was about to undergo a terrifying transformation. The woman in the portrait is actually more attractive than the young lady who answered the door until her face instantly twists into the very image of terror. Her once, tanned healthy skin grows cold and pale like that of a corpse. An expression of pure evil is etched upon her face as she seems to leap from the painting. Her transformation is accompanied by a terrifying tune resonating throughout the home. There were a wide range of reactions, but each of the delivery men was visibly startled.

From Frightened to Macho

Most guys don't like to admit that they were afraid, especially to a beautiful woman. It's hilarious to see the tough guys explain the screech that just came from the living room. The funniest reaction is that of the delivery man who simply runs from the living room like a scared rabbit. He was too frightened to feign toughness, and the terrified expression on his face proves it. One of the younger guys tries to explain what he just saw as he gathers his bearings. Unfortunately, he's able to put into words that the painting is possessed. The actress in the video plays her role well, asking the poor delivery man what he's saying. Of course, the video wouldn't be as funny if the actress gave everyone the same reaction. One of the delivery men seems to be frozen by fear as the actress approaches, asking him what happened. She quickly takes advantage of the situation, asking him is "she" had emerged from the picture. The poor guys eyes widen as he realizes he did indeed see something emerge from the portrait. The actress quickly urges him to leave and the bewildered man is all too happy to oblige. Anyone who enjoys spoof videos should watch this video twice to see all the subtle nuances and the different reactions.

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