All The Things Harry Potter Has Taught Us.

Still waiting on my Hogwarts letter, only a decade too late, right?

1. We grew up with Harry and the gang.

2. They taught us the value of friendship and laughter and love.

3. Through all the years.


5. Going on adventures with them, we learnt that it was the journey and not the ultimate destination that was the most fun.

6. Even if it seems scary at first.

7. Professor Moody taught us more about drinking than Madam Rosmerta ever did.

But we like it. Yeah, we like it.

8. And there ain’t no party like a Yule Ball party cos a Yule Ball party has bloody magic!

And a crowd-surfing Flitwick, as you do.

9. Yeah, wizards know to party.

10. We learnt how to compromise because…

11. We knew that life was never easy.

12. Life. Never. Easy.

Oh Dumbledore, you’re so profound.

13. Sirius taught us this:

14. We learnt that we all need looking after every now and then.

15. On that note, we learnt to never mess with a mother.

DAMN Molly.

16. We learnt that everything will turn out okay(ish) so long as you are with somebody who loves you.

Even Mrs. Norris, the sneaky bugger.

17. We also learnt exactly how smart Ancient Egyptians are.

18. We learnt that, unfortunately, friendships don’t always run smooth.

19. And that isn’t going to be easy.

NB: This is why you must never lose your Deluminator.

20. So it’s okay to not be totally strong all the time.



22. Awwwwwww.

23. We learnt how to be sassy and hilarious.

24. We learnt how to embrace our inner crazy.

25. We learnt very important messages.

26. “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided”

27. We learnt how to take back something we didn’t mean to say.

28. We learnt that if our life was going to flash in front of our eyes one day, we may as well make it worth watching.

29. Hermione taught us this very important lesson.

30. We learnt that our friends will always be there to welcome us home.

33. We learnt how to grow into an adult with class.

36. We learnt that Hogwarts will always be there to welcome us home. We just have to open the book again, and fall in love with the magic.

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