15 Signs The People Of Tumblr Are The Best People In The World

They may need to seek psychiatric help but damn they are funny and entertaining.

1. They’re genuinely concerned for their fellow humans.

Sometimes these humans are fictional but everyone knows they’re the best kind, right?

2. At least most of the time they are. Even their put-downs are hilarious.

3. They have practical and useful solutions to life’s issues and problems.

4. Seriously, best solutions. They know everything.

5. They ask all the most important questions in life that everyone has been dying to know.

6. This is incredibly deep. Woah.

7. Genuinely the most important questions. And they always know the answers too.

8. For example, did you know there were 13 water in the ocean? ‘Cos I sure didn’t.

Again, note the helpfulness of these lovely people.

9. They understand what TV watching is actually like. They totally get us, who watches just one episode!?

10. Sometimes they’re really bad at life but it’s just cute and adorable.

11. Most importantly, they are some of the funniest people ever. It’s basically pun o’clock all day every day over there.

12. And funny in a responsible and professional manner.

13. Fine, maybe sometimes it’s their families who are hilarious but they bring the hilarity to us. Just as good.

14. Totes. Hilare.

15. So YOU GO TUMBLR-USERS. Keep being great.

And keep entertaining the rest of us. yay

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