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15 Signs That You Study Linguistics

Obviously we all know that linguistics is awesome. Because language is awesome. Thus we are awesome. Let's now sit around and be awesome whilst we awesomely study something so awesome.

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1. When somebody uses grammar incorrectly, you just about lose your shit.

2. Maybe I'll allow a little leeway on syntax, but at least know the words you want to use!

IT'S NOT THAT HARD TO DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN YOUR AND YOU'RE. OMG did you not even listen to Ross? What about their/they're/there? Also very simple! Get your head outta your arse!

3. You've started analysing accents and language so you can't have a normal conversation without your brain trying to deduce the background of this person via (awesome) linguistics.

And then you realise you weren't listening to what they were actually saying. And just feel like the worst person.

4. You have an opinion on how children acquire language, be you be in the Chomsky, Crystal or the Piaget camp.

And you will defend this opinion until the day you die, or more evidence is produced.

5. You listen to recordings of the same thing over and over again, maybe in different accents, maybe not.

If your transcript or analysis is off by even a bit, you'll never be able to forgive yourself!

6. The day you learnt how to adjust your voice in each different little way was one of the funnest days of your life.

Even the one where you have to give yourself 5 chins as you lower the larynx and the lower jaw.

7. Old English (etc) will either bring you out in cold sweats as you relive a painful and horrible time of your life...

How on earth are you meant to understand this fucking 300 page poem? Does the tutor not understand it is a different fucking language.

8. Or you're one of those really weird ones who loves it. Each to their own.

9. Semantic change, amelioration or pejoration, is hella cool. You know this, why do others not understand? NOBODY GETS THIS.

Oh, so you don't care that the word skirt meant to mean something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT? Fine, well screw you then.

10. People always act as if your degree taught you nothing and was easy compared to their science/maths degree.

11. Though you did learn some incredibly obvious stuff in first year that was basically common sense. Grice's Maxims much?


12. You understand the contentment that comes with most of your work being reading that can be done anywhere. Which basically means you never have to leave your bed. And always be under your blanket.


13. You've also mastered the art of working a brilliant essay out of a few simple bullet points.

Try and do that with a science equation!

14. You know the background of CMC and understand the history of computer language and all its different trends. Yes it can be confusing but it is history in the making; so beautiful!

15. But most importantly, you know that you're doing the best and most interesting degree possible.

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