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30 Thoughts College Seniors Have As Told By Michael Scott

These are all thoughts that have crossed or will cross your mind at one point as a college senior.

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5. Why does he think I don't know how to fill out a scantron by now?

Let's just not explain it because you are wasting my time even more than this test that I didn't study for is going to.

13. Oh yeah freshman year is on your own boo hoo..I just found out about how much car insurance is so top that.

14. Why does my friend think it's okay to tell my teacher I have the assignment to give to her to turn in...

17. Why does my professor actually think I am listening?

But I guess I'll just spew off some bullshit for 5 minutes and make it seem like I am highly intelligent and end with a question so they can't even question what came out of my mouth.

19. Why would she even bother asking me how I am or what I am doing after college?

I don't even know what I am having for dinner much less where I will be living after May. Screw off.

22. Why do they actually think an in class assignment will be productive? Have they learned nothing from teaching college students?

That just gives me more time to spend on Pinterest with your approval but if you say so.


These are the greatest four years of your life and you are forever going to remember the memories and friends that you made there so don't blink.

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