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35 Things I Learned From Living In A Sorority House

These a key things you will learn from living with 76 girls for two years. I know, it sounds like so much fun.

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1. Privacy is nonexistent and knocking becomes optional.

Forget about alone time.

2. You share everything.

You begin to draw the line at your food, because that is sacred.

3. The alarm gets set off every night at approximately 12:04.

You get used to it, but you still jump every night.

4. Thursday night is not for sleeping.

Girls come home at all hours of the night and don't bother to be quiet.

5. On that note, quiet hours are not a real thing.

6. Cereal becomes your everyday meal.

7. The houseboys become your best friends.

8. You know about everyone's drama.

Even if you don't want to.

9. Only one shower has enough water pressure to actually get shampoo out of your hair.

10. The Wifi SUCKS.

11. Parking is nightmare.

If someone parks in your spot, you park in someone else' get it...the problem just multiplies.

12. Don't ever get excited for a meal because it will most likely ALWAYS be chicken.


13. Studying in the basement does weird things to you.

14. You can always convince someone to drive you to class.

15. The remote for the TV lounge is forever MIA.

This means you have to manually adjust everything....awesome.

16. Miscellaneous items can be found in the couch cushions.

If you lose something, you always start there.

17. You get genuinely upset when someone is in 'your' shower.

18. The washers do not work and your clothes will forever smell.

Buy a lot of body spray.

19. The best day is when there is cake for dessert.

This is rare. Take complete advantage of it. Have 5 slices.

20. There is always someone awake.

No matter the time.

21. There is also someone always talking.

Or complaining about how long chapter is going to take.

22. When you actually get dressed in real clothes, everyone will compliment you.

They are just used to you looking like crap.

23. Chapter being canceled calls for celebration.

Maybe even a conga line.

24. You will come home to things missing from your room.

Girls are thieves.

25. You begin to hate girls who don't know how to control their volume late at night.

26. The housekeeper/ house mom becomes your best friend and stand in mom.

27. There will always be someone to celebrate with you.

28. And someone to eat ice cream with.

29. Bunk beds are the norm.

30. There is no concept for personal space.

31. Renovations only happen every 20 years.

Better get used to that wallpaper.

32. You all begin to speak the same lingo.

I can't even.

33. You never knew how much stuff you had until you had to fit it in one small closet....THAT YOU SHARE.

34. The temperature can never be controlled.

It's either a sauna or an ice box. Pick your poison.

35. Regardless of all of these things, the time you spend living in will never be replaced.

Your sisters will always be there for you. No matter if you do all of the things listed above. Treasure it while you can.

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