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12 Things That Have Taken Up Residence In Your Car

Because you've always taken the idea of getting your car washed with a grain of salt. Or an entire packet, like the one from McDonalds that's been slowly eroding the bottom of your cup holder for six months.

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7. Sand From the Beach Trip You Took Three Months Ago

Sand? Oh, you mean the tiny specks of memory dust I keep in my car to reminisce on the good times? Maybe don't step on it so roughly.


9. Shoes You Forgot You Owned

You could apologize for blaming all your friends for stealing them, but then they would know you were wrong. Make new friends. They'll love your shoes.

12. The Fast Food Bag You Should Have Done a Better Job Hiding

You know it was worth it. Just make sure no one sits on the receipt. You need it for some reason you're not sure of yet.

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