Vegans Are Really Upset About This Chocolate Milk Advertisement

    "Oak should retract this ad and create a dairy-free option."

    The vegan community isn't impressed with Oak's latest advertisement, which features the slogan, "hungry thirsty is pathetic, like a vegan sausage".

    As a result, people are now flooding the Oak Facebook page with complaints.

    Some are labelling the advertisement "stupid" and "pathetic".

    Others are simply calling it "disgusting".

    Individuals are also offering solutions, with one person suggesting that Oak should release a range of plant-based drinks.

    But there is also some support for the advert.

    Sydney local Giacinta has been vegan for two and a half years. She told BuzzFeed the main issue with the advert is that shaming veganism "just isn't funny anymore".

    "Oak should retract this ad and create a dairy-free option so that everyone can enjoy their brand."

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Oak for comment.