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18 Unisex Names You'll Want To Give Your Baby

Who says names have to be gender exclusive?

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1. Alex

Netflix / Via

It's short and sweet, plus it's easy to remember, which is a bonus if you have more than one child.

2. Hayden

ABC / Via

If you wanted to get a little creative, you could even drop the "e" for Haydn. You don't need the extra vowel anyway – live a little.

3. Freddie

http://W.L.S.T. / Via

Given the opportunity, you should always name your child after one of the best performers of all time.

4. Shannon

The WB / Via

If you choose Shannon, you can secure your name but still keep the gender a surprise. Perfect!

5. Stevie

FX / Via

It's just such a sweet name tbh.

6. Ashley

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

Don't let one half of the Olsen twins fool you; this name totally works for baby boys as well as girls.

7. Charlie

United Artists / Via

Possibly the greatest unisex name. It's just so quirky, fun, and adorable. Why wouldn't you want it?

8. Billy

Universal Pictures / Focus Features / Via

Apparently Billy means "determined protector." Sure, why not?

9. Robin

Touchstone Pictures / Via

Do you want your baby to have a great name? Of course you do, so pick this one!

10. Franky

E4 / Via

Another quirky little gem, perfect for your offspring.

11. Taylor

NBC / Via

If it's good enough for the reigning princess of pop, it's good enough for everyone.

12. Morgan

Universal Pictures / Via

Morgan has been making a comeback as a female name, but that doesn't mean you can't also use it for your future boy.

13. Jesse

ABC / Via

Your child could be Jesse's girl. Or boy. Whatever.

14. Riley

It's such a perfect name, plus it hasn't been overused yet.

15. Jamie

Fox / Via

Jamie. Jayme. J'amie. You could go crazy with this one.

16. Sam

Nickelodeon / Via

Sam sounds feisty, which is great for any offspring.

17. Drew

20th Century Fox / Via

It's straight to the point and easy to spell. Go for Dru if you want to be extra lazy when filling out forms.

18. Blake

The CW / Via

Blake Lively has proven this name can be feminine as well as masculine. Because, let's be real, no name should ever be reserved for one gender, that's just a waste. Bonus points for this actress naming her daughter James, which is another unisex gem.