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This Woman Perfectly Explained Why Victim Blaming Is Ridiculous

"I thought he wanted me to come and steal all of his shit. He was asking for it."

This is Alice Brine, a stand-up comedian based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Earlier this week she posted a Facebook status highlighting the flaws with victim blaming.

Facebook: abrine

"I'm gunna start going home with random very drunk guys and stealing all of their shit," she wrote.

"Everything they own. It won't be my fault though... they were drunk. They should have known better. I'll get away with it 90% of the time but then when one brave man takes me to court over it, I'll argue that I wasn't sure if he meant it when he said 'no don't steal my Audi'."

Brine's post has been liked by more than 57,000 people and has been shared more than 21,000 times. She told BuzzFeed the "response has been extremely positive".

"I thought of this analogy a while back and was just keeping it in the back of my head," she said. "I decided that now was the time to use it. The word 'no' is not subjective. Consent is not difficult to understand."

"I've got messages from people all over the world telling me how relieved they are to read the status. Finally putting into words something that they've given up trying to explain because of the countless arguments they have to get into about it."