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18 Things We Learned About "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" From The Cast

As told by Alyson Hannigan and Tom Lenk!

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We spoke to Buffy the Vampire Slayer stars Alyson Hannigan and Tom Lenk ahead of their appearances at Oz Comic-Con in Melbourne from July 1-2.

The pair are in town to meet fans at the event so we decided to chat to them about all things Buffy. Here's everything we learned about the iconic show!

1. Alyson is somewhat responsible for the Buffy theme song: She introduced Joss Whedon to Nerf Herder, the band who wrote the song.

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"But I certainly wasn't smart enough to know that they could do the theme song," she told BuzzFeed.

2. Alyson thinks Charisma Carpenter was the actor who was least like the character she played.

"Because she wasn't nasty or mean at all, she's smart and lovely, and the early Cordelia was very mean to the Scooby Gang."

3. And that Nicholas Brendon was most similar to his character, Xander Harris.

"Except Xander didn't really watch baseball and Nick watched baseball all the time."


4. A different actress played Willow Rosenberg in the original unaired pilot. This turned out to be a little ~annoying~ for Alyson later on because Sarah Michelle Gellar and Nicholas Brendon wouldn't stop talking about their time on set.

"Nick and Sarah bonded the most during that pilot presentation so they would bring out stories. I remember throughout the whole run they’d still go back to something that happened when they did the pilot and I'm like, you know guys, it's been seven years, I feel like we can drop this whole thing like it was some great experience. It was 22 minutes, it wasn't even a full pilot, it was a pilot presentation and you can't seven years later still have stuff to talk about, come on people!"

5. Despite starring on the show from the beginning, Alyson recently failed a Buffy quiz.

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"I should warn you, BuzzFeed did a fan survey a while ago and I did not answer many questions correctly. It said I must not have watched the show... I didn’t do very well."

6. Her favourite episode to work on was "Hush", the silent episode from Season 4.

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"It was so different to not be able to rely on the words... we’d make jokes like, 'oh it's going to be so easy, we don't have to memorise lines!' and it was probably one of the hardest episodes we ever did. It was so challenging in such a wonderful way and the episode was phenomenally scary and great."

7. And Tom's favourite episode to work on was "Storyteller" from Season 7.

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"I think my very favourite thing to do was sit in that chair and talk to the camera," said Tom. "It was so funny to me and I loved coming up with every detail of how I wanted to do it."


9. But they mostly just pranked Anthony Stewart Head, with Alyson scaring "the living daylights out of him" once.

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"He was so easy to get... I waited outside his trailer and I had to get into a very strange position on the trailer hitch so he couldn’t see my shadows. Normally he comes out very quickly so I don't know what he was doing in there but it took him forever. I'm in the beaming sun pressed up against this hot trailer waiting, but it was worth it because I scared the living daylights out of him! He kept saying I was probably shortening his life but I said I was strengthening his heart."

10. Alyson also doesn't know why the hell Willow and Tara didn't pay bills while living with Buffy.

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It's a question that's been bothering die-hard fans for years but sadly, she has no definitive answers: "We didn't really have jobs so I'm just gonna assume everything was paid off already. And we didn't use much electricity because we were always out in the cemetery at night so bills were pretty minimal."

11. Britney Spears was meant to guest star on the show but her schedule got in the way.


"I do remember Britney not being able to be on the show and I feel like some cool bands were maybe going to be on the show and it didn't happen. I have a recollection of being super excited and then disappointed."


12. But the late John Ritter, who played Ted in Season 2, was one of the nicest guest stars the show ever had.

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According to Alyson, there was a rubber ducky shirt she really loved, so John "pulled some strings" and made sure she got the shirt: "He gave it to me so that was really sweet."

13. The cast kept some items, mostly clothes, from the show. Alyson still has her iconic overalls and "bad" Willow's pants.

"I also had Buffy's boots from the first season... I don't know how I got them."

14. Although Tom rarely ad-libbed lines, he came up with the iconic pronunciation for vampire during "Storyteller".

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"Occasionally I added a little something at the end of the line but during that time most one-hour dramas aren't that open to improvising, you really have to respect exactly what the writers wrote. And since they wrote me such funny stuff I wouldn't try to change it anyway but occasionally I think I added something like, 'oh hot sauce!'. But I came up with the pronunciation of vampire, which was something that was not in the script but I decided to do that."

15. And his favourite Buffy memory is when he was finally given a chair with his name on it.

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"They hadn't gotten me a chair with my name on it yet and that's kind of like a thing in Hollywood, it's very exciting. Alyson hounded the props department until they finally got me one and they all clapped."


16. Filming the finale was just as emotional and overwhelming as you could imagine.

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Tom, who was in the final episode, described it as a heartwarming, emotional day: "Obviously I joined late to the party but I did feel like they embraced me as a character and as a friend. I was happy and sad for the cast because they'd been there for so long and they’re a family, a work family. Also for myself it was two years of so much fun and I made such good friends while I was there that I still have today."

17. Most of the cast keep in touch regularly (but sadly there's no group chat).

"We don't have a group chat but I'm friends with Alyson, Emma and Sarah. I also saw Tony when I was over in London, so it's nice to be friends with people you worked with from so long ago."

18. Both Alyson and Tom speak VERY highly of the show, and seem to love it just as much as the fans do.

Alyson said she still carries the show with her today: "It was such a great show... the stuff we were given, it was like Christmas every day in the script." And Tom said he "loved everybody so much" and that it was "just such a fun time." Oh, my heart. ❤️

If you're in Australia you can catch Alyson and Tom at Oz Comic-Con in Melbourne where they'll be signing autographs and taking photographs.

You should also do yourself a favor and check out Tom's Instagram for his ~Lenk Lewks~. He once recreated Willow's iconic look so it's a must for all Buffy fans.