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16 Things Every Child Of A Tattoo Artist Will Understand

"No, I'm not going to hook you up with a free tattoo."

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1. You've been dragged to A LOT of tattoo expos.


2. Friends are always asking if you can hook them up with a free tattoo.

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3. You couldn't imagine your parent working a 9 to 5 desk job.


4. People are always asking for their number so they can book an appointment.

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"Google it ffs, I'm not a receptionist."

5. You're constantly amazed at how artistic they are.

6. But you probably didn't inherit any of those artistic skills.

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7. They're always asking to tattoo you.

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8. You surprisingly know a great deal about tattoo care.


You always feel the need to pass on your knowledge to newly tattooed friends.

9. There's always one person who thinks your family is a part of some gang.

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"Really though? Really?"

10. And another person who wonders how your family makes a living from a tattoo business.


11. You know how much hard work goes into a design.


12. You've witnessed a lot of cover-ups.

13. And unusual requests.

Each to their own.
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Each to their own.

14. You know how frustrating it is for a tattooist when someone cancels an appointment or just doesn't turn up.


15. You're completely used to the annoying sound a tattoo gun makes.


16. Above all, you're really happy you parent could make a career out of something they love doing.


"YAAS family, YAAAS."