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Someone Created A Memorial To Honour Taylor Swift's "Memory"

"Please respect the dead".

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ICYMI, there's been some online ~drama~ between Taylor Swift, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian.

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Long story short, on Monday, Kim uploaded footage of a conversation between Taylor and Kayne, with Taylor allegedly giving permission for Kanye to use a controversial lyric.

As a result, people are joking that Taylor's time in the spotlight is over.

And now, Melbourne-based artist Lushsux has dedicated a giant mural to Taylor, telling BuzzFeed they thought it was appropriate with "Taylor being dead on the internet and all".

Instagram: @lushsux

Also, please note this small detail.

Instagram: @lushsux / Via

Lushsux said the mural took about "the same time it took for Kim and Kanye to Snapchat Taylor into oblivion".

Instagram: @lushsux

People are pointing out that the "Swift" part of the mural looks more like "Smith," but Lushsux says it could be an advantage "in the pending defamation lawsuit" that might be coming their way.

Instagram: @lushsux / Via

Lushsux is also the artist behind these huge versions of Kim Kardashian's selfies.

Instagram: @lushsux

The artist is encouraging people to leave flowers and light candles at Taylor's "memorial" to "honour her memory".

Instagram: @lushsux / Via