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    This Trailer Starring Delta Goodrem As Olivia Newton-John Is Already Iconic

    This is the biopic that I want.

    Olivia Newton-John is an Australian icon. This is a fact.

    So it makes total sense to celebrate the actor and singer with a biopic.

    And luckily for us, that's exactly what Channel 7 have done. The trailer for Olivia dropped this week and boy oh BOY, I'm ready.

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    First of all, fellow Aussie icon Delta Goodrem is playing Olivia.

    And let me tell you, she looks GOOD in those black pants.

    We also get a glimpse of the "Let's Get Physical" era, which is already fulfilling all of my '80s aerobic dreams.

    More importantly though, it looks like we get a look at Olivia's life as a whole, including her rise to fame and her battle against breast cancer.

    The biopic is set to air after the Commonwealth Games, so here's a GIF to watch on loop while you wait.