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    Because Oz is completely and totally insane β€” and you wouldn't have it any other way.

    From its stunning natural vistas to its amazing people, Australia is truly an incredible country. But let's be real: Underneath its seemingly pristine surface is a whoooooole lot of WTF.

    Like koalas stealing cars.

    Sam Box / Via

    Sharks that just show up on the beach as if it's NBD.

    Channel Nine

    Or a hoard of kangaroos taking over a golf course.

    ESPN / Via

    And BuzzFeed has a weekly newsletter to help keep you on top of the absolute wildest things happening in Australia.

    It's called "Meanwhile in Australia," and no matter how batshit insane things get in Oz, you'll hear about all of it.

    Like that time the (former) Prime Minister decided he'd just chow down on some raw onions.

    Because Australia might be a messed up country, but it's our messed up country.

    Channel Nine

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